Derald Smith studying Late Cretaceous deposits in the Alberta Badlands.
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Post-conference Field Trips

Field trips for ICFS 11 will include a variety of pre-, post- and mid-conference excursions. Calgary is ideally situated for a number of trips to examine both modern and ancient fluvial environments in western Canada.

The field trips are co-hosted and sponsored by the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists (CSPG). Trips will be run in accorance with the AAPG Field Trip Safety Guidelines as outlined in Field Safety in Uncontrolled Environments: A Process-Based Guidebook, 2005

Fluvial Meander-belt Deposits of the Dinosaur Park Formation:
In Honour of Derald G. Smith

Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta

Steve Hubbard

University of Calgary

John Holbrook

Texas Christian University

Paul Durkin

University of Calgary

Dates: July 22-23 Capacity: 20

Regular - $350 Student - $300


The field trip will leave the University of Calgary at 8:00 AM on July 22 and return to Calgary by 6:00 PM.

The field trip fee includes overnight accommodation, lunch on both days as well as dinner on July 22 and a fieldguide.


This two-day field trip will focus on Late Cretaceous meander-belt deposits of the Dinosaur Park Formation, which outcrop in the badlands of Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada. We will examine a meander-belt deposit approximately 8 m thick over a 5 km squared area. Excellent outcrop exposures allow for 3D perspectives of point bar, counter-point bar and abandoned channel deposits. Dinosaur Provincial Park is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and contains world-class dinosaur bone-beds and fossils.

Derald Smith investigates meander-belt deposits in Dinosaur Provincial Park
Derald Smith on the outcrop at Dinosaur Provincial Park.

The objectives of the field trip will be to investigate detailed point bar and counter-point bar sedimentology and stratigraphic architecture, with a focus on the evolution meander-belt deposits through time. The heterolithic meander-belt deposits are also an analogue to the bitumen-saturated Athabasca Oil Sands deposits, and the impacts of heterogeneity on heavy-oil extraction will be a topic of discussion.

Badlands exposed along the Red Deer River in Alberta reveal Late Cretaceous sediments
Point bar to counter-point bar transition in outcrop

The Fraser River - From Bedrock to Basin

Abbotsford, British Columbia

Unfortunately this trip has been cancelled.